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Transcriptional Analyses of Barrett's Metaplasia and Normal Upper GI Mucosae
Barrett et al 2002

3 different projections of PCA with all 8 clusters (jpg files):
Cast8 projection 1
Cast8 projection 2
Cast8 projection 3

3 different projections of PCA with only 5 clusters [Fig 2 in paper] (jpg files):
Cast8 5cluster projection 1
Cast8 5cluster projection 2
Cast8 5cluster projection 3

FOM figure (gif file):
FOM 1095

Expression profiles of all 8 clusters from CAST (pdf files)
Anova1095 log cast8 profile1
Anova1095 log cast8 profile 2

tab-delimited files of the detailed clustering results (genes) (txt file)
Anova1095 log cast8 detailed results

tab-delimited file for the correlation coefficients of all 16 expts (txt file)
Correlation coefficients of all experiments

PCA legend: (txt file)
PCA legend

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